Apr 17, 2013

Do You Have Riches In the Thumbs of Your Hand?

Money Riches with Palmistry
For many years individuals have practiced the art of palmistry in order to figure out if people have success and money in their fate. If your palmistry money lines show that if you have the skills, talents, and also the dedication, then you will definitely be able to acquire wealth and also success in your future. Here are some methods that you can you in order to figure out if you are bound to become rich one day:

Look at the Angle of Your Thumb:

·    First of all what you should do is hold both of your hands in front of you in a comfortable position. Make sure that your hands are not stress or even limp. If your thumbs show a huge angle and many lines, then it means that you have many great things that lie ahead.  You are a dedicated person that enjoys taking charge and always strives to achieve excellence in every endeavor that you undertake. You have all the talent to achieve success because you have all the luck that you need right in your palmistry money lines.

·    If you have a large thumb angle and few lines on it, then it will show that you are always willing to take on challenges and there are many rewards that lie ahead of you. There is a natural talent in you that are always pushing to make things happen and achieve great results. Those that have a big thumb angle, they are always able to apply their skills and talents in order to get ahead of the crowd and achieve a lot of success. If you have a big thumb angle plus some luck and dedication you will have money in your hands and success that will always follow along in your footsteps.

Large thumb angle and straight Index Finger:

·    If you have a long index finger, then it is a sign of strong inner strength. Your thumb shows that you are a person that is always willing to take action and accomplish goals. There has been much research on this and it has been found that most successful people in this world who are self made usually have these two indicators that lead to their dominating and wealthy personality.

What a Small Thumb Angle Shows:

·    If you are someone that has quite a small thumb angle and not many lines, it means that you are very cautious and always give a lot of importance to dreaming and other mental activities. These are the type of people that usually do not have the ability to make such great things happen or even accomplish anything. They are seen as the type of people that are usually followers of the crowd and always allow others to take credit. This person is more of a dreamer and less of a doer so it is quite difficult for you to earn a lot of wealth in your lifetime.

End Zone of Thumb Shows Your Dedication to Succeed:

·    If you have wide zone at the end of your thumb it will show that you are someone that is determined and has the power to succeed. When this zone is thick it will show that you have a lot of energy to push you throughout your life. If you have this indication you have a lot to contribute to things such as physical abilities and also accomplish many things that you would like.

Rigid End Zone of Thumb:

·    If you have a rigid thumb zone it will show how willing you are to get what you want. In many cases this stiff thumb is quite an advantage and will help to reach many goals. The challenges that this individual may face are trying to loosen up and work to get guidance from others in times of need. These people usually have to work quite hard in order to achieve wealth and sometimes may face some financial problems along the way.

Thumb is easily able to bend back:

·    If the end zone of your thumb is able to bend back quite easily it means that you are an individual that is great at public relations and also quite generous. These types of people usually spend their money on others and are very compassionate towards people when they are in need. The challenges that this person may face are that they do not think deeply about the situation. They are always willing to sacrifice what they have to the less fortunate and assist them in their times of need. If you have this type of thumb what you should is to try to control your spending habits and also let others solve their own problems.

If you follow this you will be able to lead a happier life and will even be able to save some of your money instead of spending it all on the others that depend on you to rescue them.

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